The Write Pad for the Urban Writer: Moleskine Professional Pad Review

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Are you tired of keeping track of your ideas on random scraps of paper like some kind of savage? Then you need the Moleskine Professional Pad to get your writing life together in style. As an urban writer, I need a notebook that can keep up with my on-the-go lifestyle, and this pocket-sized bad boy fits the bill perfectly.

First off, let's talk about the sleek design. The black cardboard cover and rounded corners give it a professional look, while the simple graphic layout inside helps me organize my thoughts without overwhelming me. Each page is numbered and detachable, so I can easily find what I need and tear it out without ruining the rest of the notebook. Plus, it even has an expandable back pocket for all my loose papers and receipts.

But enough about appearances, how does it function? The ivory-colored, acid-free paper is a dream to write on, whether I'm jotting down notes in a meeting or brainstorming creative writing prompts. And the areas for names, agenda/in-depth notes, key subjects/action points, and next steps help me stay on track and make the most of my time.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Moleskine Professional Pad to any fellow urban writers out there who need an easy, convenient way to stay organized and productive on-the-go.

- Sleek and professional design
- Simple graphic layout for easy organization
- Numbered and detachable pages
- Expandable back pocket

- Only comes in black, could use more color options

Bottom Line:
If you're a busy writer who needs a pocket-sized notebook to keep your ideas in check, the Moleskine Professional Pad is definitely worth the investment. Just be prepared for some serious envy from your less organized writer friends.

Rating: 9/10

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