Mechanical Rainbow Fun: TEWELL Gaming Keyboard Review

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What do you get when you mix a typewriter with a rainbow? The TEWELL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, of course! As a writer who loves the feel of paper and the art of writing in cursive, I was excited to test out this keyboard that promised to bring back that tactile sensation to the digital world. And boy, did it deliver!

First off, the rainbow LED backlit keys are a feast for the eyes. As someone who loves anything shiny and colorful, this keyboard is an instant mood booster. And the removable hand rest is a nice touch for those intense gaming sessions or long writing marathons. The 104 anti-ghosting keys also meant I could type away to my heart's content without worrying about missed keystrokes.

And let's talk about those quick-responsive black switches. As someone who loves the sound of a typewriter clacking away, the satisfying clickety-clack of these keys had me feeling like a writer from another era. But don't be fooled by the vintage aesthetic – this keyboard is fully equipped for modern gaming and computing.

Who would this keyboard be a good fit for? Gamers who love a bit of retro flair, writers who want to bring back the feel of a typewriter, and anyone who wants to add some color to their workspace. The TEWELL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a unique and fun addition to any setup.

- Rainbow LED backlit keys add a colorful touch to any workspace
- Quick-responsive black switches make typing and gaming a breeze
- Removable hand rest for added comfort during long sessions
- 104 anti-ghosting keys ensure every keystroke is registered

- The rainbow LED backlighting may not be for everyone's taste

In conclusion, the TEWELL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a fun and unique addition to any workspace. With its rainbow LED backlit keys, quick-responsive black switches, and removable hand rest, it's perfect for gamers and writers alike. While the rainbow LED backlighting may not be for everyone, it's a minor issue for such an otherwise great keyboard.

Bottom line: If you want to add some color and vintage flair to your setup while still having a reliable and responsive keyboard, the TEWELL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an excellent choice. I give it an 8 out of 10!

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