Cure De Bolso 560 Pages Large Tree of Life Notebook Review: The Ultimate Wr

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As an urban writer, I'm always on the lookout for a writing companion that can keep up with my creative ideas and endless musings. And I have to say, the Cure De Bolso 560 Pages Large Tree of Life Notebook is a game-changer for me! With its seven chakra leather journal cover and book of shadow design, this writing leather journal is not only functional but also stylish. I mean, who says you can't have both?

One of the things I love about this handmade leather grimoire journal is its size. Measuring at 7x10 inches, it's the perfect size for jotting down my personal statement ideas, novel narratives, and even expository essays. And with 560 pages (280 sheets), I never have to worry about running out of space!

Another feature that sets this tree of life journal apart from the rest is its refillable pages. As a grant writer, I often have to take notes during client meetings, and having refillable pages means I can easily replace them once they're filled up. Plus, it's a more sustainable option compared to using multiple notebooks.

Of course, I have to mention the vintage leather strap closure, which not only adds charm to the journal but also keeps it secure. And speaking of the leather cover, it's crafted with a rustic style that just oozes personality. I'll admit, I'm a big fan of the classic, distinctive, and stylish look!

- Large size with 560 pages (280 sheets)
- Refillable pages for sustainable use
- Vintage leather strap closure for added charm and security
- Rustic style cover that stands out from the crowd
- The journal is quite heavy at 1.5 kg, which may not be ideal for frequent travelers

In conclusion, the Cure De Bolso 560 Pages Large Tree of Life Notebook is the ultimate writing companion for urban writers like me. With its spacious pages, refillable design, and stylish leather cover, it's perfect for jotting down personal thoughts, novel ideas, and even grant proposals. And let's not forget, it also makes a great travel companion for those who like to write on the go. I highly recommend this journal to anyone who wants to step up their writing game!

Bottom Line: 9/10

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