A Vintage Blast from the Past: Camiysn Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming K

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Lily here, the urban writer, and I just got my hands on the Camiysn Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Let me tell you, this keyboard is the epitome of retro punk vibes with a modern twist. The RGB backlit feature on the black keyboard is a game-changer, and the round keycaps give it that old-school typewriter feel.

If you're a writer who enjoys the aesthetic of a vintage typewriter but needs the functionality of a modern keyboard, then this keyboard is perfect for you. The blue switch wired keyboard has 104 keys, so your fingers will never get tired of typing. It's also compatible with Windows/Mac/PC, making it versatile for any device.

One of the standout features of the Camiysn keyboard is its built-in RGB backlit. You can choose from a variety of colors to light up your keyboard, and it's perfect for writing in dimly lit rooms. The blue switch mechanical keys give it a satisfying clickety-clack sound that makes you feel like a true writer.

- Vintage punk aesthetic with modern features
- RGB backlit for writing in the dark
- Mechanical blue switches for a satisfying typing experience
- Compatible with Windows/Mac/PC

- The round keycaps may take some time to get used to if you're used to a standard keyboard layout.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Camiysn Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for any writer who's looking for a unique and aesthetic keyboard that still functions like a modern keyboard. The RGB backlit feature and the mechanical blue switches make it stand out from other keyboards in its price range. So, if you're looking to add some vintage flair to your writing setup, this keyboard is for you.

Bottom Line: 8.5/10

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